youth protection roundtable newsletter nr. 1
may 2007
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Dear Readers,

hereby we are sending you the first issue of the new youth protection newsletter. This quarterly newsletter reports about the current situation of youth protection in Europe and sheds light on the work of the Youth Protection Roundtable, a project funded in the framework of the Safer Internet Programme of the European Commission. Within the 24 months to come the member organisations from all over Europe (see logos on the left side) will cooperate at the Roundtable. While many fruitful and distinct ideas are sure to blossom at the Youth Protection Roundtable, one overarching goal will be to develop a common strategy embedded in the cultural situation to prevent children and youth from encountering unwanted and harmful content while using the Internet.

The Mission of the Youth Protection Roundtable is to establish an intercommunicable socio-technical approach to youth protection. Users - responsible adults in the case of minors - should be empowered to make their own decisions on how to deal with harmful and unwanted content on the Internet.

We would love to keep you informed on our ongoing work.

signature Katharina Kunze, project manager

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