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New insights from BVDW: 35 percent of the German people use the mobile Internet

The German Federal Association for Digital Economy (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft, BVDW) published an abstract about the long-term study "BVDW Mobile Meter" which reports about the most important developments regarding the Internet usage via mobile devices. Altogether 966 German people were asked: "Have you already used Internet services with your mobile phone?" One of the main finding was, that already 35 percent of the German people use the Internet via mobile devices, receive emails or use the service of downloading music or videos.

The survey revealed that 56 percent of the German people, surveyed by the BVDW, are interested in the mobile Internet and appreciated several applications, f.e. sending emails or surfing the web. More precisely, eight percent are planning to use this kind of digital communication during the next year. On the other hand 44 percent are not interested in using mobile Internet during the next year.

Furthermore six percent declared, they use the offers several times a week. Five percent prefer to use this way of accessing the Internet once a week and also five percent use the offers to access the Internet via mobile devices once a month. But beside this, thirteen percent stated, they would use the mobile offers of the Internet only every three months or fewer than that. More detailed information about the long-term study "BVDW Mobile Meter" will be announced at the end of July 2009 directly from the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft. The results of the survey can be found as a PDf in German language.

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