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Norton Online Living Report 2009 presents the E-family

The Company Symantec has published its second Norton Online Living Report. The Report of 2009 shows insights of the fast growing use of the Internet, new technologies and the social influence of the technology concerning families and individuals. For this study 6.427 adults and 2.614 kids and teenagers aged 8-17 were interviewed about their online behaviour. The survey was accomplished in twelve countries: Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA, India, Italy, Japan, Sweden and Canada.

The Internet might be a medium for bringing families together: Seven out of ten adults share the opinion that the Internet is responsible for their better relationships. Furthermore 45 percent of them said that the Internet improved their family relationships in general. This point of view seems to be understandable because with the new technologies like E-Mails, mobile phones or webcams the connection between persons is easier to maintain. But on the other hand six percent of the kids in Japan and seven percent of the kids in Germany, surveyed by Company Symantec, disagree that it is easier to discuss touchy subjects via the Internet.

The survey also presents a new form of relationship: Altogether 14 percent of the surveyed population belong to the so called 'E-Family' with its special characteristics like strong cohesion and high Internet usage. For 70 percent of the children parents have set rules regarding Internet usage and parents and kids concur that they are following the rules 80% of the time. On the other hand six out of ten adults worldwide agree with the fact that the children spend too much time online. Also 45 percent of the kids have this opinion. But in which way kids use new technologies and the offers of the Internet? The report found out that 86 percent of the kids send text messages, 73 percent of the kids send emails from their phones and 55 percent of the kids found new friends over the Internet.

With regard to youth protection 70 percent of parents have discussions with their kids about the safety in the Internet. Beside this children and adults who are online are both thinking that the benefits of the Internet usage outweigh the risks. But also 22 percent of the parents worldwide said they found out that their children did unacceptable things online. Generally the report says that in countries in which it is easier to talk about topics like sexuality and drugs the parents are better Informed and able to talk with their children about the use of the Internet and also about delicate topics belonging to the Internet like offering personal information.

The Norton Online Living Report 2009 can be found as a PDF under http://www.nortononlineliving.com/documents/NOLR_Report_09.pdf

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