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New Media and Violence

Expert review

Electronic and interactive media are an important part of young people’s everyday life. At the same time there is a growing public concern about the negative and damaging effects of media consumption. Many believe that there is a causal link between the consumption of violent media content and youth violence.

In the last few decades, the effects of audiovisual media have been the subject of thousands of research studies. "New Media and Violence" is a review of existing research on the use of media by children and adolescents as well as the effect which the consumption of violent content has on them.

The survey focuses on the key determinants behind the use of violent media among children and adolescents, as well as the factors which could trigger or exacerbate problems among these young viewers. It is also briefly looked at the issues surrounding the use and effects of pornographic content, including other aspects of obsessive use of new media by children and adolescents. One of the central findings of the research to date is that any assessment of the effects of new media must take into account personal, social and medial factors. This, of course, also applies to studies which focus on adolescent media use, because certain groups of young people are at higher risk due to pre-existing difficulties in their life.

The key findings in English language can be found on pages 22-24.

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