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Germany: First results of the JIM study published

One fourth of the young persons participate in Web 2.0 offers and produce several times a week online content. This can be contributions in blogs or newsgroups, publishing videos, pictures or music. Hence, almost every third boy and every fifth girl with Internet experience contributes to the Web 2.0
These are the first results of the representative JIM-survey 2007 of the German Medienpädagogischen Forschungsverbundes Südwest regarding the media behaviour of the 12 to 19 year old Germans.

Furthermore the survey reveals findings about the use of Web 2.0 offers like Wikipedia, YouTube or MySpace: These offers are often used in a passive way. For example: 78 percent of the users have searched for something at Wikipedia, but only 4 percent have contributed their content at the encyclopaedia.

Read the press release as a PDF document in German language here.

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