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Security Issues and Recommendations for Online Social Networks

ENISA position papers represent expert opinion on topics ENISA considers to be important emerging risks. They are produced by a group selected for their expertise in the area. The content was collected via wiki, mailing list and telephone conferences, edited by ENISA and the final version has been reviewed by the people listed below.

This paper aims to provide a useful introduction to security issues in the area of Social Networking, highlight the most important threats and make recommendations for action and best practices to reduce the security risks to users. Examples are given from a number of providers throughout the paper. These should be taken as examples only and there is no intention to single out a specific provider for criticism or praise. The examples provided are not necessarily those most representative or important, nor is the aim of this paper to conduct any kind of market survey, as there might be other providers which are not mentioned here and nonetheless are equally or more representative of the market.

The position paper is available as a PDF under http://www.enisa.europa.eu/doc/pdf/deliverables/enisa_pp_social_networks.pdf

Available on the website since November 29, 2007