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ChildWise Monitor Report 2007

The ChildWise Monitor report - the annual survey of children's media use, brand attitudes and purchasing habits - has been published each year since 1994. This Trend Report provides data about children between 5-16 years old, covering the issues:
  • Internet access and usage, computers, games consoles
  • TV viewing, access to TV and channels, favourite TV programmes
  • Magazines and reading, music and radio, mobile phones
  • Pocket money and self purchase across key product fields
Using the Internet takes the first place in children's everyday lives. 80% of the young people have Internet access at home, 50% have broadband access. The users are online 1.9 hours on average a day. 93% of them have a PC at home, and a third has their own PC.

The downward trend in children's TV viewing continues: the children are watching 2.4 hours per day an average, compared to 5 years ago it was 3 hours per day. Eight of ten children have their own TV; seven of ten have their own DVD player.

Two thirds of the 5- to 16- year old children have a mobile phone; split up in two age groups, among the 11- to 16- year olds up to 90% have a mobile and among the 5- to 10- year olds already 40% belong a mobile phone.

Further information to be found under http://www.childwise.co.uk

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