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Research on online risks in Europe

EU Kids Online has been in pursuit of online risks which children across the European countries have been confronted with. In some countries, research has produced different quantitative estimates of risk.

It appears that high risk countries are on the one hand, those which are not well experienced with the Internet, f.e. Poland or Czech Republic and, on the other hand, those which are well experienced with the Internet, like UK and the Netherlands. The next riskiest countries are all small northern European countries: Iceland, Ireland and Estonia. Low risk countries are supposed to be Germany, Norway, Denmark, France and Italy, the research revealed. Unfortunately, only few quantitative estimates have been produced for children’s experiences of online risk in countries like Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain.

EU Kids Online has compared across the risks and the research suggests that some risks are more common than others across the countries. 'Giving out personal information' is the most prevalent risk around 50 percent of the online teens, while 'seeing pornography' is the second most common risk with 4 out of 10 online teens across Europe. Further online risks in descending order are: 'seeing violent and hateful content', 'beeing bullied, harrassed, stalked', 'receiving unwanted sexual comments' and 'meeting an online contact offline'.

Temporary conclusion made by EU Kids Online are, that there are cross-national variations in the incidences of risk, which are to consider. Furthermore, there seems to be more cross-national variation in the more common risks and more homogeneity for the less common risks. The final conclusions will be developed the forthcoming report due to September 2008.

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