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Polish research: Children active online

Every tenth Polish Internet user is a child aged 7 to 14 years

The average time spent online per month by this age group increased by 10 hours in the last year. The girls comprise only 47% of the users, but they spent more time online (29 hours 40 minutes/month) than the boys (19 hours 46 minutes/month). [All usage times are monthly figures, collected in June 2007. 'Users' or 'children', unless qualified otherwise, refer to children in the 7 to 14 age group].

Almost 50% of children are 'heavy users', going online daily or nearly daily, and 34% are online a few times a week. 29% of users are from rural areas, but those from large cities (population over 500,000) stay online the longest (33h 43 min/month), well over the average for the population as a whole.

Most of the online time is spent visiting entertainment (6h 55min) and community (4h 45 min) sites. The former is the most popular choice for all age groups, but the time spent thereby children is over an hour longer than the average for the whole population. Over 70% of children contribute to online communities, and 82% visits 'new technologies' sites.

Looking for information is not the most popular Internet activity, with only 63% of users accessing pages in the 'information, journalism, media' category, and staying there nearly 50% shorter than the average for the whole population.
'Education' is a more common choice for the girls (5.85%) whereas the boys' first choice is 'community' (6.10%). Some 70% of children play games online, with no significant difference between the sexes.

This is a summary of the "Dzieci aktywne online" ("Children active online") report, produced by Gemius SA, a Polish research agency, and Fundacja Dzieci Niczyje (Nobody's Children Foundation, Warsaw, Poland).
Summary and translation: Janusz Lukasiak

The complete results of the research as a PDF is available in Polish language under http://pliki.gemius.pl/Raporty/2007/Gemius_SA_Dzieci_aktywne_online.pdf

Available on the website since April 07, 2008