"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Internet Governance Forum in Hyderabad opens with sympathy declaration for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai

by Katharina Kunze, Jutta Croll

The third IGF in India was opened on Wednesday with declarations of sympathy for the Mumbai victims. Beneath the main focus of Internet governance it has for its second time also child protection issues on its agenda. During the next days we will report about the Youth Protection Roundtable's activities to present its work to the worldwide audience at the IGF. The Youth Protection Roundtable will be presented at the Best Practice Forum organised by the European Commission, where the European approach to empowering and protecting children online will be the main issue. The purpose of this Best Practice Forum is to share the experiences of this pan-European initiative. It will seek to address how these networks contribute to empower children and teenagers to use online technologies in a more responsible way to make the online environment a safer place for them. After a brief introduction by the Commission on the general framework and how it has developed over time, the networks will be asked to present and discuss their activities. Participants are encouraged to make contributions and in particular give feedback of their perspective of the European approach.

We will also report about the approach the Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety has made since its launch last year in Rio at the second IFG. The Dynamic Coalition on Child Online Safety aims at creating a permanent, open platform for discussion on fundamental and practical issues related to child online safety, ensuring dialogue among representatives from children's organisations, government, industry, academia and other civil society groups. We will also have a look at the discussions in workshops dealing with topics like "Measures to advance protection of children from exploitation". The Workshop will explore how different stakeholders are working to enhance the safety of children on the Internet through their independent actions and through cooperative mechanisms. The workshop will also focus on challenges faced by the IT industry in implementing protection mechanisms as related to technical issues, local and international regulations and additional steps that should be taken to provide sound protections to children.

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