"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Survey: Survey results

The Risks from real life are evident in the virtual world as well

63% of the respondents mention media literacy, parental control and other activities for youth and parents to protect themselves with respect to youth protection.

The first question was intended as an opener to the interview and did therefore not specifically address the Internet. Nevertheless, more than one third of the respondents state Internet issues as being associated with the term 'youth protection' in their view. From these experts’ answers, it becomes clear that dangers and risks from real life - like abuse, violence and so on - are evident in the virtual world as well. Internet safety must therefore be seen as an important task for youth protection in general.

Question 1: Which areas do you connotate with the term youth protection? (n=126)

  • 37 % mention Internet and online issues as relevant regarding matters of youth protection
  • 15 % mention sexual abuse
  • 13 % mention pornography
  • 13 % mention violent content
  • 9 % mention harmful content

Highest responsibility for the users themselves, low responsibility for producers of protective hardware and software

With a percentage of 51, all respondents agree that the highest responsibility is on the users themselves, but significantly more respondents from companies agree with 60 % as compared to respondents from the welfare area with 47%. With 49% the latter view the responsibility for youth protection as being with the legislator.

Survey Graphic 1
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Question 2: When it comes to the Internet, please imagine a value chain from the content producer to the user. You will see there: content producers, content providers, access providers and the users. They are supported by hardware and software solutions on the one side and by political, legal and executive authorities on the other side. Where do you locate responsibility for youth protection on the Internet? (n=126)

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