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Specialist Course in understanding child sex offenders

02.07.08 - 03.07.08
Europol, The Hague
Attendance fee:
GBP £260

Dealing with child sex offenders – whether during investigations, management of offenders within the community or within prison – is fast becoming a reality for many professionals who work in the field of law enforcement and prevention.

Given the nature of abuse and the age of the victims, dealing with child sex offenders can be difficult. In light of this, it is essential that professionals are armed with the information and practical skills that they can use when working with these offenders. Understanding the psychology of offending and how child sex offenders operate, can help to better identify behaviour that could indicate abuse is taking place or is being planned. By understanding the effects of your own behaviour and use of language, it is possible to engage with child sex offenders to get possible intelligence and evidence. On balance, these skills are about identifying offenders, securing convictions, managing offenders in the community and ultimately reducing the threat of the sexual abuse of children.

The course
This Specialist course in understanding child sex offenders has been designed specifically to impart these skills. It aims to provide attendees with a good understanding of sex offenders who abuse children, focusing on the importance of intelligence to inform effective practices when dealing with offenders.

Please find the Agenda of the course here.

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