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An Indecent Profit

Preparing a European response to combat the commercial distribution of child abuse images
16.10.08 - 17.10.08
Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre
London, UK
Attendance fee:
£ 195 / € 240

The Internet has changed modern life – the way to do business, communicate and socialise. It has provided unprecedented opportunities across business, social and geographical borders and is dynamically changing all the time.

Whilst there are online paedophile networks that utilise peer-to-peer technology to share abuse images for ‘kudos over cash’, this kind of sophisticated paedophile network does not just emerge from the ether. Indeed, most online offenders have an ‘entry level’ where they start accessing images. These are largely in the form of newsgroups, forums and websites where images are not only available but affordable on the Internet. By providing access to abuse images, individuals and criminal groups are not only profiting from the sexual abuse of children, but are fuelling the market and encouraging further abuse. By limiting ‘business opportunities’, raising the risk of capture and seizing the assets of these criminals, we can help reverse the tide of online child sexual abuse.

An Indecent Profit conference aims to bring together specialists from across Europe to share knowledge and establish a new level of co-operation in the form of a European Financial Coalition. As a pan-European working conference, delegates will actively participate in order to establish a baseline of knowledge and co-operation in the area of commercial distribution of child sexual abuse images, across organisations in Europe including law enforcement, financial institutions, government departments, non-governmental organisations and Internet service providers.

Please find the programme here: An Indecent Profit

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