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Finished - Benefits and Risks of computer games

Berlin, Germany

Whether video- or online gaming, the range of available computer games and the respective technique is immense. A massive development took place during the last years, not only in regard to the market and the offer, but also regarding the usage of the newly developed technologies. This brought along also the generational divide. From young people aged between 12 and 19, already 71 % possess an own computer, every second has its own access to the Internet. Computer games and the online world are an inherent part of their daily lives. The so-called killer-games or the glorification of violence are keywords coming up to the mind when talking about risks related to gaming. In connection with acts of violence, done by young people the discussions on so-called killer games and their impact on young people using them frequently come up often. But experts also pointing out the potential of computer games by facilitating values in a lively way.

It is agreed on taking over responsibility and on the necessity providing young people with knowledge and competences for an independent use of new media. The conference provides an opportunity to discuss with experts about the questions arising from this issue and talk about new developments. Furthermore the possibilities to learn about Best-Practice-examples, how media education can be successful and last but not least to bridge the generational divide while providing the opportunity for the exchange between young people and adults in regard to their usage of games.

The event takes place in
Abgeordnetenhaus von Berlin
Niederkirchnerstraße 5
10117 Berlin, Germany

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