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New types of violence amongst young people

22.06.09 - 23.06.09
Institut Psychologie & Sicherheit
Bildungsstätte des Landessportbundes Hessen
Attendance fee:
245€ (early booking)

The Institute for Psychology & Security (Institut Psychology & Sicherheit) will hold a conference on the topic "New types of violence among teenagers - prevention and management for practitioners". The event takes place in Frankfurt am Main and lasts from June 24 until 25, 2009. The conference will focus on the alarming extent of violence between adolescents. Knife-attacks among young girls or Internet-forums which support suicide are on the rise. Therefore experts are invited to present new findings and to show alternative ways how to deal with these problems.

The agenda of the event provides an overview about new kinds of violence, it explains how media might have an influence on the readiness for violence among youths and initiates new ideas about the prevention of violence. On June 24, Dr. Frank Robertz of the Institute of violence prevention and und criminology (Institut für Gewaltprävention und angewandte Kriminologie) will talk about the topic "Does violence increase between the youths? new forms & actual trends" and PD Dr. Haci-Halil Uslucan from the Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg reports about "Violence of Turkish youths". On the second day of the conference Markus Brand from the German Institute of confrontational pedagogy (Deutsches Institut für konfrontative Pädagogik) will illustrate means for prevention against violence in institutions for young people.

For a better preparing and wrap-up two workshops are offered. From June 22 until June 23 the workshop "Acquaintance with young people who tend to violence" will inform about the feelings and reactions of young aggressive people. The workshop on June 26th deals with strategies for the acquaintance of suicide in school environments. More information about these offers at Institute Psychology & Security

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