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Conference on Online Paedophile Activity

Advances in the Analysis of Online Paedophile Activity
02.06.09 - 03.06.09
CNRS and University Pierre and Marie Curie (UPMC)
Paris, France

It is nowadays widely acknowledged that online paedophile activity constitutes a key issue with huge societal, ethical, legal, clinical and financial impacts.

However, measuring, observing and analysing this activity is a challenging task. As a consequence, much effort is devoted to various kinds of works aimed at providing more knowledge and better control of this activity. This led to a wide set of significant results, but they remain relatively scattered.

The goal of this conference is to provide a clear and precise view of what is currently known on online paedophile activity as a whole. It will put together practitionners, analysts, and researchers, in an effort to build a unified vision of the current situation and key directions for future work.

The conference will rely on a set of key presentations given by leading experts of the topic who will present the state-of-the-art from their own perspective. In addition, participants are warmly invited to prepare posters to be presented during dedicated sessions at the conference, and discussion spaces will be provided to encourage the emergence of cooperation.

Registration deadline: May, the 2nd

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