"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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European Conference: Global Digital Citizenship

From 9.00 o' clock until 17.00 o' clock
The Family Online Safety Institute
Féderation des Industries Electriques
11-17 rue de l'amiral Hamelin
75783 Paris Cedex 16

The Family Online Safety Institute arranged a one-day European Conference about the topic "Global Digital Citizenship". The event takes place in Paris on the 16th of September and the aim is to bring together government representatives, experts and key industry figures. Another aspect is to discuss about a safe and responsible online use. Furthermore the participants of the conference should look at the Western world challenges e.g. the universal broadband coverage or the problem that less developed nations try to provide internet access to their citizens.

The sessions cover:

  • global digital citizenship and media literacy
  • industry best practice, educational and technology solutions
  • Stakeholder responses to broadband provision in developing nations worldwide

The registration for the conference starts at 8.50 a.m. and later a plenary panel discussion about the issue "Negotiating a Digital World" will start. Speakers are Dorothy Attwood (Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Chief Privacy Officer, AT&T ), Mike Galvin (BT Design Managing Director, British Telecom ),Lars Kindervater (Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Deutsche Telekom ) and others.

Also three breakout sessions will follow after lunch: Participants will discuss about the topics "New & Emerging Challenges; Online Gambling", "Networking Sites; Friend or Foe to Digital Citizenship?" and "Key Challenges & Solutions to Help Consumers Choose the Right Technology".

At 2.40 p.m. advanced plenary panel discussions will begin. One of the themes is "Challenges to Privacy in the Wireless World" and the speakers are Annie Mullins (Global Head of Content Standards, Vodafone ) and Brent Olson (Assistant Vice President of Public Policy, AT&T). The Conference will finish at 4.50 p.m..

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