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EDPS Opinion on safer Internet for children

Published on: 24.06.08
Source: Press release of the European Data Protection Supervisor

The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) announced that data protection is an essential prerequisite to the safety of children online. The EDPS fully supports the general orientations of the programme aiming at more efficiently protecting children using the Internet, while adapting to the evolution of new technologies.

Peter Hustinx, Supervisor of the EDPS stresses the fact that the protection of children's data is an essential first step in guaranteeing more safety and prevention of abuse on the Internet. Nevertheless it should be kept in mind that the protection of children occurs in an environment where the rights of others might also be at stake. Therefore any surveillance of the network, f.e. by the help of filters, should only come into effect with due respect for the personal rights of all individuals.

Please read the complete press release of the European Data Protection Supervisor here (PDF document).


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