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jugendschutz.net report about right-wing extremism published in the Internet

Published on: 30.06.08
Source: Press release jugendschutz.net

The "Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung" and "jugendschutz.net" announced their new report about right-wing extremism in the Internet called "Reduce hate in the net effective". Extreme right-wingers use the Internet as platforms for propaganda to win new adherents, especially children and young people.

In 2007 the offerings in the web from the German-speaking right-wing extreme were at a peak level since the beginning of the research from jugendschutz.net in the year 2000. They identified 1.635 right-wing extreme homepages and more than 750 videos with such content and profiles in different Web 2.0 offerings. This is particularly problematic for regulation because of the fleeting content and the mass of users who provide material by themselves in the Internet. Furthermore it is essential to raise awareness and to empower young user to identify harmful content, because mainly the content appears harmless at first view.

Further information and the report "Hass im Netz wirksam bekämpfen" to be found under www.jugendschutz.net.

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