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Germany: Amendment to the Youth Protection Law - Ban of 'killer-games' comes into force

Published on: 02.07.08
Source: heise online & news from the German Ministry of Familiy Affairs

From the 1st of July 2008 the first law for the change of the law for the protection of children and youth in Germany comes into force. The law shall enforce the protection of children and youth in regards to depiction of violence in the media, in particular from violent computer games. The German Federal Council passed the law on 13th of June 2008.

The law has far-reaching sales restrictions and advertising bans for games containing extremely brutal violence. Previously only games glorifying violence and war were prohibited. Furthermore, the age rating labels on pc games shall be better visible.

Please read the news from the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs in German language here.

Please read the complete heise article in German language here.


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