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Cyber-games and friendships

Published on: 25.08.08
Source: Press release of Uni Leipzig

The German University of Leipzig recently released their new media-convergence study (Medienkonvergenz-Monitoring-Studie), which contains data about how young people are dealing with new media.

According to the study many young people are not the stereotype of a cyber-junkie, but rather reflect on their own behaviour. Most of them comment on online-games critically and expect rather to meet new people online because of the common interests. The interviewees reported that they not only play together but also share private problems. According to their statements, young people seem mostly aware of the risks to become addicted or to loose sense of reality, but nevertheless it is important that parents deal with this topic and talk to their children about playing games.

The study revealed also the prospect that the Internet is going to be the medium number one for entertainment purposes of young people.

The complete study (PDF version) in German language can be found within the Medienkonvergenz Monitoring Online-Spieler-Report 2008


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