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Social Networking Explodes Worldwide as Sites Increase their Focus on Cultural Relevance

Published on: 21.08.08
Source: Press release of comScore

ComScore, Inc., a leading company in measuring the digital world, released a study of worldwide usage of social networking sites, indicating that while the growth in new users in North America is beginning to weaken, it is expanding in other regions around the world. During the past year, the total North American audience of social networkers has grown 9 percent compared to a much larger 25 percent growth for the world at large. The Middle East-Africa region (up 66 percent), Europe (up 35 percent), and Latin America (up 33 percent) have each grown at well-above average rates.

During the past year, many of the top social networking sites have demonstrated rapid growth in their global user bases. For example Facebook.com, which took over the global lead among social networking sites in April 2008, has made a concerted effort to become more culturally relevant in markets outside the United States of America. Its introduction of natural language interfaces in several markets has helped propel the site to 153-percent growth during the past year. Other social networking sites, including Friendster.com (up 50 percent), Orkut (up 41 percent), and Bebo.com (up 32 percent) have demonstrated particularly strong growth on a global basis.

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