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Web content 'disturbing children'

Published on: 22.10.08
Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/

As suggested by an NSPCC poll, 75 % of the children have seen images on the Internet that troubled them.

NSPCC, a British charity, is renewing its call for computer companies and vendors to install a security tool to stop children finding violent or sexual content on the Internet. NSPCC polled visitors to its children's website There4me.com and was "alarmed" by the accessibility of potentially worrying material.

Children posted comments, describing their feeling when discovering unintentionally i.e. violent images or generated pornography adverts when searching for pictures of animals. The NSPCC requires social networking and video hosting sites to remove offensive material within hours of finding it. Zoe Hilton, Policy adviser at NSPCC said, they were "alarmed" by the easiness for children to access "disturbing Internet material".

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