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UK identities sold for £80 online

Published on: 17.11.08
Source: bbc online

According to an online safety group from the UK, Internet fraudsters sell complete financial identities for just £80.

The user details, which are packaged and sold online, include names, addresses, passport numbers and confidential financial data such as personal credit card numbers. Meanwhile six out of 10 people are managing their finances online. The public needs more efforts to prevent e-crime, so the experts stated.

The Get Safe Online group, which consists of experts from the police, government and banks, declare that identity theft is a serious problem because of an international trade with stolen identities and data. Online marketplaces in countries having weak control mechanisms against e-crime, sell bundles of data gathered by attacks against poorly defended computers in richer nations. The experts estimate that nearly 50 % of all computer users in the UK are exposed to this risk, because they are not using a firewall, or up-to-date software or other defensive measures which can identity malicious programmes.

Too many people use the same password for websites and thereby making it easier for bank details and other sensitive data to be gathered, so the expert safety group. Criminal websites were selling personal information for £5 per piece of data or £80 for an entire package, according to the BBC and reported by the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Read the complete article with statements from the experts on http://news.bbc.co.uk


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