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Cyber-bullying: ways out of the 'web hell'?

Published on: 12.01.09
Source: www.heute.de

The EU wants to strengthen their efforts against 'problematic online behaviour”, called cyber-bullying. Bullying can take place in different ways through various channels, f.e. via the Internet or via mobile phones. Many European and national activities are planned on the Safer Internet Day 2009 to prevent cyber-bullying and to sensitise parents but also young people regarding this issue. In Germany a nationwide school campaign is planned. Thirteen American Federal States made policies how to deal with cyber-bullying in schools. During the last years, there have been a number of suicides of pupils bullied by others via the Internet or mobile phone.

The European Commission wants to concentrate their efforts against cyber-bullying in the next period (2009-2013). Within the recently adopted Safer Internet Programme, the EC allocated the amount of 55 million Euros for safer Internet activities and the protection of children and young people.

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