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Members of the German Federal Parliament chat with young people about data security

Published on: 03.03.09
Source: http://www.mitmischen.de/index.php/Informativ/UnserThema/site/Chat

Members of the German Federal Parliament will chat with young Internet users about the topic "Data-security on the Internet" on March 5, 2009. The chat will start at 5 p.m. Participants must log in to the Portal www.mitmischen.de . The Portal of the German Federal Parliament addresses young people who are interested in politics. The aim is to motivate and to convince teenager how important it is to participate in social processes.

Politicians of the German parties SPD, FDP, Die Linke and Grüne will discuss in the chat with users about topics like "private information on the Internet". The politicians Michael Bürsch (SPD), Gisela Piltz (FDP), Petra Pau (Die Linke) und Wolfgang Wieland (Die Grünen) will provide tips and information how to handle sensitive data. They will inform about self-determination in case of giving information to foreigners, this is necessary for example by getting in touch with people who have sexual interest or for the protection against mobbing. Furthermore the chat with the experts will show that it is only in special cases allowed to save personal data of people.

Dr. Michael Bürsch is chairman of the subcommittee "civil commitment" and fights against the data commerce. Gisela Piltz is announcer of domestic affairs and she claims that personal data should be protected as good as possible. Petra Pau is vice president of of the German Federal Parliament and speaks for the rights of citizens. Wolfgang Wieland works for the committee on legal affairs and wants to improve the education of data self-protection. These politicians are blogging regularly or writing commentaries for young users.

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