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Germanys Federal Minister of Economy propounds draft bill against child pornography on the Internet

Published on: 26.03.09
Source: Press Releases BMWi & BMFSFJ

Germanys Federal Minister Dr. Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg propounds a draft bill to the departments for a legislative amendment of the German Teleservices Act to regulate blocking of access to child pornographic material.
"We have to make every endeavour to achieve a legal regulation of access blocking to child pornographic material in this legislative period. An amendment of the German Teleservices Act runs under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of and Economics and Technology", so zu Guttenberg. He takes the initiative to pull off the contract negotiations between the Internet Service Providers and the Federal Police.

In a press release of Germany’s Ministry of Family Affairs contains the following essentials for the draft bill:

  • The aim is to impede the access to child pornographic material - in terms of
    § 184 b StGB - by all German access providers on a statutory basis.
  • In the frame of the intended legal regulations, questions about the protection of fundamental rights like freedom of profession, right to informational self-determination have to be clarified.
  • The composition and maintenance of the list of URLs to be blocked is under the responsibility of a governmental authority. It shall be ensured that no legal offer is blacklisted.
  • In accordance the European provisions, the access providers will not be obliged to search for child pornographic material.
  • The access providers are not be liable for economical demands, in case they abide the legal regulation when conducting the means.
Read the complete article in German language under http://www.digitale-chancen.de/content/news/index.cfm/aus.3/key.2140/secid.11

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