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kids top 100 search terms online

Published on: 13.08.09
Source: Symantec

Between February and July 2009, the company Symantec registered a total of 3.5 million searches that were submitted by users of the OnlineFamily. Norton Service. The OnlineFamily. Norton Service is software for safer Internet use; to get on the list of kids search terms, a term had to be searched 50 times by registered users.

Symantec identified kids top 100 search terms: The research shows that parents should talk with their kids about Internet safety because the young people have an increasing interest in sexual topics. On the one hand, their curiosity is understandable but on the other hand searching for sexual topics implies a lot of risks.

Number one of the list is the term "YouTube" followed by "Google" and "Facebook". But number four is the term "Sex", number six of the list is the term "Porn" and number 28 "Boobs". At the end of the list, also words with a sexual background appear: Number 86 is "Naked girls" and the words "Nude" and "Playboy" can be found both on number 89. See the complete list on Symntecs Website.

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