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British teenage girl put behind the bars because of cyberbullying

Published on: 24.08.09
Source: Daily Express

On Monday 24th August the "Daily Express" reported that the 18 years old Keeley Houghton was locked up because she bullied an old school friend via the social network Facebook. The British teenage girl wrote on her Facebook page she would kill Emily Moore and for this act she is sentenced to stay three months in a young offenders’ institute. According to the Daily Express district Judge Bruce Morgan explained that Keeley Houghton hounded the other 18 years old girl with words and violent abuse since she was 14 years old.

When Keeley threatened with death her nastiness nature broke through. The previous history showed that both girls met in a pub two days before Keeley has written her death threat: Keeley threatened and provoked the other girl in an extraordinary way. Because this was one of many critical situations the court of justice ordered that Keely is not allowed to contact Emily Moore for five years. The adjustment concerns the Internet or any other manners. The Daily Express mentioned that the lawyer of Keeley Houghton has the impression the girl has accepted her responsibility.

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