"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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jugendschutz.net published new report

by y.z.
Published on: 25.08.09
Source: jugendschutz.net

The Institution jugendschutz.net published its new annual report about "Youth Protection on the Internet". The report analyzed the opportunities and dangers of Web 2.0 (social software and interactive communication). Teenagers are fascinated by the possibility to create Web-content they are able to use social networks or to get own videos and pictures online. However these activities include a lot of risks because the user may be confronted with pornographic, violence or right-wing extremism content.

Furthermore young people are exposed to risks of harassment and violent abuses: The report of jugendschutz.net shows that in 2008 1,369 offenses against youth protection were registered in Germany altogether; this means a rise of 11 percent. One example is the platform YouTube: In 2008 jugendschutz.net found out that 1,330 right-wing extremist propaganda or videos with right-wing extremist content were posted. In 2007 the figure was 500 videos.

The report also states that in 2008 1,707 right-wing extremist Websites were registered altogether. The Internet remains an important communication medium for right-wing extremists; this is shown by the fact that 90 percent of their Websites are online for a long time. Besides many fun-sites are considered critical by jugenschutz.net because their aggressive content is played down.

The report shows that 62 percent of the offences were pornographic, three percent contained pornography with children and 11 percent glorified anorexia. In three-quarter of all cases jugendschutz.net tried to directly contact the provider of the Web pages because the provider is responsible for the content of other parties if he is informed about it. Often this interchange led to the deletion of illegal content before a Supervising Procedure started.

The findings of jugenschutz.net were passed on to parents, educators and young people in workshops or by brochures with the aim to improve media competence. Altogether the work of jugenschutz.net is impressive: In 2008 they checked 6,390 web page offers, evaluated 6,800 locations in search engines and viewed more than 6,000 youth protection related videos and profiles on the web.

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