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More Trust in content – The potential of co- and self-regulation in digital media

Published on: 16.05.07
Source: German Presidency on the EU Media Experts´ Conference

"More trust in content – The potential of co- and self-regulation in digital media” was the subject of the EU media experts´ conference of the German Presidency which took place in Leipzig from 9 to 11 May 2007.
The aim of the seminar, which the German Presidency conducted in close cooperation with, and with support of, the European Commission, was designed to show ways of ensuring trust in the content and of guaranteeing variety in the digital media. The German Presidency is thus following the 'Recommendation of the Council and of the Parliament on the Protection of Minors and Human Dignity and on the Right of Reply”, as well as the new provisions for self- and co-regulation that are contained in the Audiovisual Media Services Directive. According to these, the member states are expressly required to promote the use of instruments for co- and self-regulation. The conference is thus helping to ensure that when the directive is implemented in the various member states, maximum possible use will be made of these regulatory forms, which will become increasingly important in the future.
As this conference, the German Presidency focussed on the topic of 'trust in digital content” which is the subject of both the European Union’s 'Safer Internet plus programme” and of the EU initiative on 'Media literacy” is planned for 2007. The conference could make a significant contribution to this debate.

The starting point for the intensive discussion of the more than 250 media experts from all Member States of the European Union were the radical changes in the media world. Such can be seen, for example, in the growing significance of the online content compared to traditional media, the new role of the users who themselves are becoming producers, the gatekeeper function of search engines and electronic programme guides, and in the evolution of the current content carriers into integrated companies which also offer content.

The conference focused on four central questions:

  • How can more content be created that is suitable for children?
  • How can the existence of a reliable and wide range of information be ensured in the digital world?
  • Which self-regulatory instruments have been proven successful?
  • What potential does co-regulation have in the context of digital content?
Conclusions of the German Presidency on the conference here.

Get more information from this website: http://www.leipzig-eu2007.de/en/index.asp


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