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USA: Web Video Violence Act

Published on: 29.01.07
Source: Website of Mario Diaz-Balart

Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart Introduces Web Video Violence Act WASHINGTON—Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) today introduced the Web Video Violence Act, which would require states to increase penalties to violent crimes that are videotaped and disseminated across the Internet. 'In today’s technologically savvy world, we need to look at ways to curb the promotion of violence among students,” Diaz-Balart said.  'The recent trend of posting videotaped attacks onto websites like MySpace is especially disturbing since these videos are clearly intended to further humiliate the victims as well as spread fear and intimidation.  The legislation I have introduced will require states to increase penalties to any prosecuted violent crime that is videotaped and posted online or risk losing federal funding.  'These attacks are bad enough.  We don’t need to promote them throughout cyberspace,” Diaz-Balart concluded.

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