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Cyberhus Online counselling reaches 2000 enquiries

Published on: 24.05.07
Source: http://www.cyberfrivillig.dk/

The danish "Cyberhus" has been determined to establish contact between the virtual world and the physical world. Their goal is to create a unique environment for kids and teens on the internet where they can receive free and anonymous counselling from trained counsellors and/or use their creative talents and meet new friends their own age in a safe, virtual environment.

Based on voluntary and non-commercial work, it is their mission to renew the way of meeting and interacting with children and teens. Through an innovative use of internetbased counselling and activities, they advise, activate, and develop children and teens on their own terms.
This happens in accordance with three core values Trust, Respect, Latitude

Cyberhus offers a unique kind of counselling. Their trained counsellors help troubled children and teens via our counselling chat room. Everyone who enters the chat room is completely anonymous. Therefore, they decided from the beginning that all their counsellors should also be anonymous as this gives the best result for both parties. Counselling is performed only by people who are educated or who are nearing the end of an education within the area of pedagogy or social science. Moreover, every new counsellors goes through an extensive training programme in Cyberhus.

During the first two years their counsellors completed more than 1,700 online chat conversations with children and teens. This number has now increased to 2000.

Girls form the bulk of our visitors, but an increasing number of boys are finding their way to their site. The problems kids and teens deal with today are serious and tabooed: incest, cutting and eating disorders etc. are just some of the really grave issues. In addition, there are puberty issues involving sex and love which can be difficult especially for teens to discuss with their parents.

The Cyberhus VISION
We wish to be the virtual socioeducational meeting place preferred by Danish children and teens.

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