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Glubble - Firefox goes family-friendly

by Claas Hanken, Institut für Informationsmanagement Bremen GmbH
Published on: 27.06.07
Source: Glaxstar Limited

The browser Firefox offers users the opportunity to configure the software, that children and young persons can dare their first steps on the Internet on their own, without the permanent risk of encountering content, which is morally damaging to juveniles and harmful.

Under the name of Glubble, there is a cost-free offer to download a Plug-In for Firefox, which makes it possible to limit the Internet access to only trustworthy sites. The most important preparatory work was done by the british company Glaxstar. Glubble is based on a so-called "positive list" of Internet addresses, which are compiled by the parents themselves. Even Google- and Yahoo search results will limit their content referring to the positive list. Glubble is currently available only in english language.

Further information in english language under http://www.glubble.com

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