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Ein Netz für Kinder – safe and secure use of the Internet

Published on: 09.07.07
Source: Microsoft Politik Report 06

The federal government of Germany as well as more than a dozen companies and associations have launched the project 'Ein Netz für Kinder' (english: a net for children), to ensure a safe and secure use of the Internet by children. This initiative wants to draw up a list with suitable Internet sites for children. The co-ordination of this initiative is undertaken by the German association Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter - an organisation for the voluntary self-control of the Internet. The overall objective is that children are able to act independently on Internet sites, which are suitable and adequate for them. In this way, children and young users can explore the digital world without expose them to unnecessary dangers. The federal government of Germany highly welcomed this project.

The press release in German language of the FSM is to be found under http://www.fsm.de/inhalt.doc/PM_2007-05-11_Netz_fuer_Kinder.pdf


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