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Game developers complaining about unfair treatment by youth protection

Published on: 20.08.07
Source: heise online

Computer and videogame developers feel mistreated by the youth protection area. While the movie industry is able to produce Bonnie and Clyde or Clockwork Orange, works containing extremely violent scenes, the games have to change the performance beyond their recognition, if they strive for release for young persons.
According to Julian Eggebrecht, chief of the game developer ‘Factor 5’, the US-‘Teen Rating’ system is absurd. Repeated adaptation was necessary to release a game, which showed sex scenes and have led to the mature-rated label, although movies like Eyes Wide Shut and Basic Instinct were released for under 18 year olds.

Eggebrecht demanded a consistent rating-system and to differentiate in making judgements between youth- and mature labelling. There have to be more steps in between to give a clear orientation. It is not the case that the technical reform has led to problems with the development, it is more the adaptation to the demands of the rating system.

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