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Hessians SPD parliamentary party wants to strengthen youth protection on the Internet

Published on: 11.09.07
Source: heise online

The SPD federal state parliament of hesse demands a strengthening of youth protection on the Internet. This shall be achieved by the improvement of media literacy of young persons and their parents. The prohibition of use of the so called killer games which is demanded by the CDU is not supported by the SPD, because the empowerment of young persons and children shall be in the focus and must be a continuos task at schools.

Parents leave it up to their children, what´s happening on the computer at home, without any knowledge about the risks or what their children are doing. The media literacy of parents could be taught at parent’s advisory centres.

Hesse shall provide further financial support of the organisation ‘jugendschutz.net’, which is searching for harmful content on the Internet. Hesse has invested almost 400 million euro in the area of e-government but less than 25 thousand euro annual for financial support of jugendschutz.net

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