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Games violence study is launched

Published on: 09.10.07
Source: BBC News 24

The government in Britain is asking for evidence for a new study of the effect of violent computer games on children. Dr Tanya Byron, psychologist, will lead the study, which will also appraise how to protect children from harmful online content.
The games industry's association 'Elspa'(the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers' Association) said it would co-operate - but it was too often blamed for society problems. Paul Jackson from 'Elspa' said that there has been a meeting already with Dr Byron and they work together with the government on the review.

Dr Byron told BBC News 24: "The study will be about what industry is doing already to protect children and what more could be done to ensure they have a positive experience on the internet and with games." Speaking at the launch of the review at a school in Barking, Essex, she said: "Video gaming and the internet themselves are a very positive and important part of children's and young children's growing up and learning and development. But it is also about saying where are the risks?" (source: BBC News 24 online)

The review is expected to last six months.

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