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Spain: Action 'Santiago' against child pornography successful accomplished by police

Published on: 22.10.07
Source: Press Release

On Wednesday Oct 17, the Spanish police has rounded up 30 persons that are suspected to have owned and disseminated world wide paedophiliac digital content. 350 polices offices have been involved in the operation in 30 spanish provinces. They searched 81 homes and confiscated hard disks, DVDs and CD-Roms. The concerned prosecutor declared the pictures as 'extraordinary brute' material of child abuse. As more than 1.200 persons world wide are suspected to be involved in the exchange and dissemination of the illegal pedophil content the action 'Santiago' will be continued. The operation is directed by the Spanish Fiscal del Servicio de Criminalidad Informatica (SCI) perteneciente a la Fiscalia General del Estado - District attorney of the Service of Computer Delinquency (SCI) belonging to the General Prosecutor's Office of the State.

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