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Central Eastern European Safter Internet Conference Prague

Published on: 05.11.07
Source: Press release of the CEE SI Conference Prague

Safer Internet, new media and the European framework on safer mobile use by children

The Czech Safer Combined Node is launching the first international conference of project supported by the EC Safer Internet Plus program in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. For the first time representatives of different type of project – awareness nodes, helplines and hotlines meet to exchange experiences, share the best practises and discuss hot operational topics.

The conference called Central & Eastern European Safer Internet Conference (CEE SIC) takes place in Prague in November 5-6, 2007 under auspices of Dr. Ivan Langer, Czech Minister of Interior. It is supported by the European Commission and launched in cooperation with INSAFE and INHOPE European networks. The general partners of the conference are Microsoft, Telef’onica O2 and UPC Czech Republic.

Read the complete press release of the CEE SI Conference Prague here.


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