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Facebook's Tracking of User Activity Riles Privacy Advocates

Published on: 18.12.07
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Some users of the Facebook Inc. website have been troubled by a new feature that tracks their activity outside of the site and shows it to their friends. This arised questions once more about the privacy implications of a growing practice of exploiting personal information in online advertising.

Facebook began posting updates about users' activities on websites outside of Facebook and on commercial pages within Facebook. The social network platform is posting users' images next to certain advertisements, another feature that has upset privacy advocates and users.
For example, a user who logs on to Facebook might see an update in a section of the website called the "news feed" noticing the movie a friend rented from an online website, along with a photo of that friend and a movie-rental advertisement.
Read the whole article under http://online.wsj.com/public/article/SB119560466428899897.html


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