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European Parliament adopted a resolution on the rights of the child

Published on: 23.01.08
Source: www.europarl.europa.eu

The European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the own-initiative report drawn up by Roberta Angelilli from Italy, in response to the Commission’s communication on an EU strategy on the rights of the child.

The Parliament state its support for the commitment shown by the Commission which, in conjunction with the main credit card issuing companies, is assessing the technical feasibility of excluding websites involved in online sales of child pornography material to be excluded from the online payment system. The Parliament calls on other economic players such as banks, bureaux de change, Internet service providers and search engine operators to take an active part in efforts to combat child pornography and other forms of commercial exploitation of children. One of the Commission's basic priorities should be to strengthen cross-border operations against child pornography internet sites with a view to making a commitment to closing down illegal websites.

Members call for the creation of an adequate regulation system in dialogue with providers, the media and industry, aimed at prohibiting the broadcasting of harmful images and content (including cyber bullying) and the marketing of violent video games. Parliament points with concern, moreover, to the growing problem of MMS exchanges of pornographic images, calling on Member States and Internet service providers, in collaboration with search engine companies and the police, to implement blocking technology to stop Internet users from accessing illegal sites related to child sexual abuse.

Further information:
European Parliament resolution of 16 January 2008: Towards an EU strategy on the rights of the child


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