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Operation 'Flo': Austrian Internetpolice sucessfully revealed largest case in child pornography up to now

by Jutta Croll, Stiftung Digitale Chancen
Published on: 08.02.07
Source: Ministery of the Interior, Austria

Civil servants from the Austrian federal police office together with state police officers have revealed the up to now largest case of child pornography in Austria.

Gremel, Platter, Zwettler at the press conference The police coup was very important, especially because these criminals directly attack the most vulnerable group of society – our children, said the Austrian Minister of the Interior, Platter, at a press conference on February 7, 2007.

Operation "Flo"

Through unique cooperation between the police and an Internet company it was possible to discover that a server of the provider was misused for the dissemination of child pornography.

Altogether eight videofiles showing severe cases of sexual abuse of children where found on the server ready for download by Internet users.

Within 24 hours the police registered access to the server in more than 8.000 cases. Analysis by specialists from the federal police traced the IP-adresses of more than 2.361 suspects from altogether 77 different countries. We assume the videos beeing produced in Eastern Europe, told Harald Gremel from the Austrian reporting point for child pornography who conducted the operation 'Flo'.

Only a small part of 23 suspects came from Austria. Information about suspects from other countries (i. e. 600 from the USA and 400 from Germany) where handed over to the authorities concerned.

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