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British Government unveils new action plan for the creative industries

Published on: 22.02.08
Source: Press notice of the British Department for Culture Media and Sports

The British Government supports current discussions between Internet service providers and rights holders for action on illegal file sharing and their strong preference remains for a voluntary solution. Up to date no voluntary agreement has been reached, so the government will shortly consult on options for a statutory solution, with a view to implementing legislation by April 2009. This consultation is in parallel with the voluntary discussions and will stop the statutory 'clock” if and when a voluntary solution is reached. At the same time, the government wants to work to promote a greater understanding of the value of intellectual property and step up enforcement action starting with a pilot ‘Fake Free London’ campaign.

The dynamic strategy contains 26 firm commitments for Government and industry to help creative professionals and businesses thrive at every stage of the process. The action plan is designed to evolve and respond to developments in this fast moving sector. The high level of consultation with industry that has been central to the creative economy programme will continue, with joint Government and industry working groups ensuring that the commitments are implemented. An interactive website will be set up as a mechanism through which the programme can evolve, and provide a forum for ongoing engagement.

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