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Family Online Safety Institute Welcomes the Recommendations of the Byron Review

Published on: 02.04.08
Source: Press release of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI)

FOSI, an international charity and member of the Youth Protection Roundtable, that is helping to create and drive the discussion around online safety, believes in a multi-faceted approach to protecting children online, including government oversight, self-regulation, technology and education, which is mirrored in the recommendations.

The Review, which will inform the Prime Minister's national strategy for child Internet safety, recognises the huge opportunities the Internet presents to children and young people, but also highlights the dangers, including the fact that parents often lack knowledge of the digital world, that are leaving children vulnerable online.

FOSI supports the creation of a UK Council for Child Internet Safety, which will report directly to the Prime Minister and extend the work started by the Home Secretary's Taskforce on Child Protection on the Internet, by bringing together representatives from government, industry, children's charities and other key stakeholders including children, young people and parents.

FOSI also backs the creation of transparent and independently monitored codes of practice for ISPs and in areas such as user generated content, as well as improved access to parental control software and safe search features.

Please read the complete press release under http://www.fosi.org/press/fosiwelcomesbyron/


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