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Polish E-learning course for children

Published on: 17.04.08
Source: Nobody´s Children Foundation

E-learning course "Safe adventure with Internet" is intended for primary school children aged 7-11

E-learning modules are coherent with the Polish Node’s previous projects - the plot is based on the Sieciaki.pl project and is intended for three 45-minutes lessons. The course covers issues like introduction to Internet, e-privacy, meeting strangers online, harmful content, netiquette, computer addictions, viruses. Modules are adapted to the age of users and consist of games, crossword, puzzles and other interactive tasks. There is also a glossary of terms used throughout the course. After accomplishment of the course the user can take a test (17 questions on issues covered in the course) and then after successful test completion will be able to print out a certificate.

Through the E-learning platform the teacher will be able to follow students' progress, print out certificates and generate statistics reflecting students' participation in the course. E-learning courses for high school students, parents and teachers will be produced soon.

Have a look at the material in Polish language under http://www.dzieckowsieci.pl/strona.php?p=201


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