"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Public Papers

Papers produced at the Youth Protection Roundtable are here available for the public.

Statement of the YPRT to the EU E-Commerce Directive
The YPRT aims at the development of product-neutral guidelines for the use of filter technologies and pedagogical measures in private and public areas. With regard to this objective it is of tremendous importance to define where the filtering shall come into force. YPRT therefore discussed whether the EU E-Commerce Directive and the rules for liability of Internet Service Providers might hinder effective filtering and have worded a statement as an input to the recent review of the Directive.

From virtual world to real life discussion
Children and young people are eager to spend a lot of their time online, to meet their friends and to be able to communicate with everybody from everywhere. It is a common practice to watch videos on youtube.com or to upload pictures to illustrate one's profile by publishing much information on social community platforms.

Strong focus on child protection at the Internet Governance Forum 2007 in Rio
Representatives from a number of leading child protection organisations participating as members of the Youth Protection Roundtable welcomed the commitment expressed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon at the inaugural session of the second IGF for a strong focus on online child protection at the IGF.

Youth online: What about Safety and Security in the Virtual World
Nowadays various areas of life are shifting from the real to the virtual world and more and more people are likely to use the Internet as a tool for gathering knowledge and information as well as for entertainment. But many of them are afraid of encountering unwanted and harmful content instead of useful information while being online.