"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Public Papers

Papers produced at the Youth Protection Roundtable are here available for the public.

The YPRT Principles and Toolkit for the improvement of youth protection online
The 5th Youth Protection Roundtable Meeting was held as a conference open to the public intending to present the YPRT Principles and Toolkit to a broader audience and to discuss the impact of the YPRT's outcomes on a European approach to youth protection on the Internet.

Who keeps the gate?
The CIRCAMP project, short for COSPOL Internet related Child Abusive Material Project has chosen its wording carefully. Instead of the more common word 'child pornography' they use the term 'child sexual abuse material' or 'child abusive material' thus emphasising the various ugly faces of maltreatment of children.

Wrap-up of IGF 2008
With the Internet developing fast and getting maturer issues of safety and security in general became more and more important over the years at the IGF

The various faces of harmful content
The third day of the IGF started with a workshop organised by the Dynamic Coalition on Child Safety set up at last year's IGF in Rio. It is the purpose of the Coalition to ensure an ongoing dialogue between the advocates of Freedom of Speech and those who fight for children's online safety. The members of the Coalition are convinced that child protection is not generally in contradiction with freedom of speech.

IGF stresses the need of a multi-stakeholder approach against cyber crime and child pornography
On the second day of the Internet Governance Forum, the United Nations reported 1.273 delegates to be registered for 3rd IGF. Given the current circumstances, this could count as a success. Many of these delegates took part in the open discussion 'Are we losing the battle against cyber crime? Fostering Security, Privacy and Openness' started with input from different perspectives on the issue of cyber crime and cyber security.

Internet Governance Forum in Hyderabad opens with sympathy declaration for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai
The third IGF in India was opened on Wednesday with declarations of sympathy for the Mumbai victims. Beneath the main focus of Internet governance it has for its second time also child protection issues on its agenda. During the next days we will report about the Youth Protection Roundtable's activities to present its work to the worldwide audience at the IGF.

Eeny, meeny miny moe - how old are you?
An old children's counting rhyme asks for your age to decide whether you are allowed to join the game or not. The same procedure applies to various websites. But mostly the user has to prove that he is old enough to join the closed user group. While for social community platforms it would make more sense the other way round to ensure that only younger children are allowed to join the community, so they can be sure that they are among themselves.

Games, Games, Games
In 2008, Europe's leading developers' conference attracted about 1,200 participants from more than 40 countries, most of them coming from North America, Britain and Germany. The number of participants from Eastern Europe clearly rose, compared with the past years. The mostly young visitors will certainly not know what a lot of work the most popular computer applications require. At least two years of development pass between the idea and the marketable realisation of a computer game.

British Information Commissioner’s Office gives advice to young people regarding privacy in social networking sites
Millions of young people have made themselves vulnerable to identity theft as well as putting their future academic and professional prospects at risk by recklessly posting personal information on the Internet.

Young Roundtable on Internet Safety
Young people are not only the most active users of the Internet, since Web 2.0 they are also the most productive ones. Therefore it seems quite natural to involve young people in the debate about safety issues and in the development of solutions to combat risks and harms.
At the 3rd meeting of the Youth Protection Roundtable the so-called Young Roundtable was established to give the young Internet generation a voice in the discussion and to engage them permanently in the work of the YPRT.

A generation of youth being ‚raised online’
According to the research by the Institute for Public Policy Research, many young people are ‘raised online’. They spend about 20 hours/week online, being connected with friends. For young people, the Internet and its opportunities is no innovation but a part of their everyday life. It makes it difficult for parents and pedagogues to comprehend, because they clearly remember life before constant connectivity and broadband access as an everyday essential.

YPRT-Presentation at the Conference 'Young People in the Internet and Mobile Age: Safe and Empowered'
On 24th - 25th of March a conference on internet safety for youth and children titled "Young People in the Internet and Mobile Age: Safe and Empowered!" was held in Smart Village, Cairo. The YPRT was presented as a best practice example from Europe on this occasion.

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