"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Meetings: 3rd YPRT-Meeting: Agenda

Programme for the 3rd Youth Protection Roundtable May 14-16, 2008 Nuremberg

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Wednesday, 14. 05. 2008
18.30Exhibition of the Safer Internet Contributions
Youth teams from Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and Germany
19.30Award ceremony for winners of the SID 2008 competition
Janice Richardson, European Schoolnet
Get Together & Welcome Reception
20.00Dinner at Stempferhof

Thursday, 15. 05. 2008
Separate Sessions

TimeYPRT MembersYoung Roundtable
09.00Welcome and tasks for the dayWelcome and tasks for the day
09.15Presentation of a matrix of risks
Analysis and further development of the matrix
Analysis and description of online risks which the young people have experienced
10.00Analysis and description of measures and solutionsDealing with the risks
10.45Coffee break
11.00Filter software as a solution to some of the risks

Carlo Schupp, SIP Benchmark / Mark Bootz, jugendschutz.net
Vision of the future: What do young people expect from the Internet? Which devices do they expect to use to access digital content and to communicate with others?
11.40Discussion of filter softwareExpectations of the young people: What should be done to make the Internet a safer place?
12.30Lunch break

Common Session

13.30Common view on the matrix, additional input by the Young Roundtable
14.00Future visions of the youth - expectations and measures
14.30Coffee break

Separate Sessions

TimeYPRT MembersYoung Roundtable
14.15Regulations for youth protection from the viewpoint of youth, parents and pedagogues: Results of the evaluation of the German JMStV

Niels Brüggen, JFF München
Production of a podcast presenting the results from the working groups
15.15Discussion of the evaluation results

Common Session

16.15Transfer to the Climbing Garden in Pottenstein
16.30Climbing: Experience risks and safety instructions from real life!
19.15Dinner at Schönhof
21.30Transfer back to Stempferhof & Hotel Stern

Friday, 16. 05. 2008
09.00Keynote from the German social community platform SchuelerVZ.net
Philippe Gröschel, SchuelerVZ.net
09.15Discussion of solutions for social community platforms
10.00Last look at the matrix of risks and measures to protect children and youth: For which areas of risks do we have to find additional security solutions? Questions to the youth teams: What solutions would fit best to their needs? Do youth and adults of today have different views on the Internet? What does it mean for our lives?
10.30Coffee break - Farewell to the Young Roundtable
10.45YPRT members: Outlook at the future tasks of the work plan:
  • Outcomes and dissemination
  • Feedback from the review process and national contacts regarding the E-Commerce Directive
  • Planning for the next meeting and the final conference
12.30Lunch and Farewell