"YPRT - Youth Protection Roundtable" was a project of the Digital Opportunities Foundation in 2006 - 2009.
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Podcasts from the Young Roundtable

Spaß im Netz – aber sicher!

Vom 14. – 16. Mai kommen die Mitglieder des Youth Protection Roundtable mit 20 Jugendlichen aus sieben europäischen Ländern – dem Young Roundtable – auf dem Stempferhof in Nürnberg zusammen, um ihre Ideen für das Internet der Zukunft zu diskutieren und zu überlegen, wie man sicher Spaß im Netz haben kann.
Podcasts vom Young Roundtable sind hier zu finden – wir freuen uns auf Kommentare!

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Have fun and feel safe!

From Wednesday May 14 to Friday May 16 the Youth Protection Roundtable and the Young Roundtable – about 20 young people from 7 European countries – are gathering at the Stempferhof near Nuremberg to discuss what young people are expecting from the Internet of the future and what could be done to make them feel safe online.
Join the Young Roundtable by listening to the podcasts and please, give us your comments!

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The production of podcasts during the third Youth Protection Roundtable meeting has been organized and realized by the Youth Network Mediascope from Finland. Mediascope (Mediaskooppi) is a web-based network for young people involved and interested in digital media cultures. It was founded in January 2007 in Tampere, Finland, after a high school web course on media criticism and is nowadays funded by the Ministry of Education in Finland. Mediascope co-operates with educational organizations and its aim is to be an educational resource for schools and other institutions.

The participants of Mediaskooppi, Kaisa Läärä, Viivi Olkinuora and the coordinator Maarit Jaakkola, formed the media team and were responsible for the interviews during the meeting.

The youth could teach us radical actions
Just problems?
A poem about Internet safety
Virtual dangers
Gefahr beim Chatten
Dangerous Internet?
La polizier in internet o la scuola on-line?
Naslov: Uros je spet zamudil
Making the Internet a safe place - together
More media education to Greek schools
German team impressions